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1. Challenge the process

  • Look for change, opportunities, improvement, growth
  • Are risk takers, trailblazers, experimenters
  • Ask "what can we learn?" when things don't go as expected
  • Stick with themes, big picture

2. Inspire a shared vision

  • Involve everyone in developing/understanding the vision
  • Communicate the vision frequently
  • Celebrate accomplishments of the vision

3. Enable others to act

  • Collaborate on goals!, planning, problem solving, decision making
  • Release and support human energy
  • Make people own 'it' and be the leaders
  • Give power to people—the freedom to decide
  • Respect and trust others

4. Model the way

  • Model the behaviors/values
  • Act consistently
  • Keep key priorities clear

5. Encourage the heart

  • Link performance to rewards—only those who met expectations
  • Provide visible recognition of contributions

Barry Posner & James Kouzer, Leadership, 1994.